WEHoRR – The Big Day!

After weeks of bashing up and down the Tideway, challenging pieces in all types of weather the Tideway can throw, WEHORR was upon us.  At the eleventh hour we Masters women found a sub for the bow seat and became a composite boat with Kingston RC, with thanks to Megan for joining us.

Expertly coxed by Tuyet, we set off through the start at a cracking pace and with months of negative split training, overseen by James Holmes Siedle, we ramped up the power and pressure with every passing kilometre.   Not even the chop at the Chiswick Eyot in the second quarter of the race could  throw us off our rhythm  as we slowly but surely reeled in the  Molesley boat, powered past them, and then started our move up a Tideway crew, just a mere dot in the distance at that point!

As everyone Ptrc woman knows (apologies to Aba) nothing makes you push harder than the knowledge of those TSS red and yellow blades and ladies in white leggings just a couple of lengths off your bow ball,  so inch by inch we slowly squeezed up on them.  From the black buoy to home we raised the pace a pip  and emptied the tanks as we chased them down.  At the 100 metre race for the line we had their Cox but they just managed to hold us off as they wound for home; but the race  was already won!

Some lovely number crunching by Coach JHS found that we had beaten his head race split target of 2:17.0 with most of the race completed in under 2:10.0, hitting 2:0.2 up to and through the finish line. Placing 4th out of 8 in our category we also managed to successfully decrease the  gap between our time and that of the winning Masters boat from an Index of 91 in 2015 to an Index of 94 this year, great proof to ourselves that our fitness is much improved thanks to negative splitting guru JHS.  But also much thanks too to Ted for lots of great technical sessions with him in the 3 seat. The boat never moved so fast!

Next stop, a repeat of the full Championship course in The Veteran’s head on Sunday the 20th then off to camp in Soustans, France, for some warmer weather and training for National Masters.


Photo references: Ladies Masters, Putney Town Rowing Club, Kingston Rowing Club, JHS, James Holmes-Siedle, Sue Pictor, Sam Atkinson Jones, Camilla Lister, Heather MacPherson, Clare Allen, Emily Longmore, Liz Stoyel, Megan Addis, WEHoRR, PTRC


5 weeks to WEHoRR

Getting quicker. With just five weeks to WEHoRR, there were some good split times in today’s training session.

The crew: Sue Pictor (stroke), Sam Atkinson Jones, Marisa Futernick, Clare Allen,  Liz Stoyel, Heather MacPherson, Camilla Lister,   Simone Frehe (Bow). Cox: James Holmes-Siedle

Training, First Piece, Pink Lodge to Brentford
Training, First Piece, Pink Lodge to Brentford


Training, Second Piece, UL to PTRC
Training, Second Piece, UL to PTRC


First training session of 2016

Today’s training session for the Ladies Masters at Putney Town Rowing Club. The weather isn’t always this bad, but it won’t prevent an outing, with WEHoRR only eight weeks away.

Photo references: Camilla Lister, Clare Allen, Emily Longmore, Heather MacPherson, James Holmes-Siedle, JHS, Liz Stoyel, Marisa Futernick, Rochelle Morrisey, Sue Pictor

December training, 19.12.15

The Women’s Masters continue their preparation for WEHoRR. Coach James Holmes-Siedle using his famous graphs to find the optimum race pace. A constant 28 strokes per minute today. He wants more!

Photo references: Camilla Lister, Clare Allen, James Holmes-Siedle, JHS, Liz Stoyel, Marisa Futernick, River Thames, Sam Atkinson Jones, Simone Frehe, Sue Pictor


WEHoRR 2016

The Women’s Masters at Putney Town Rowing Club begin training for the 2016 Women’s Eights Head of the River Race, which takes place on Sat 5th March 2016. Beaten by the windy conditions, coach  James Holmes-Siedle decided to treat the squad to an erg session. Always a favourite!

2015-11-21 10.26v2

Photo references: Camilla Lister, Clare Allen, Emily Longmore, erg, James Holmes-Siedle, JHS, Liz Stoyel, Simone Frehe, Sue Pictor, training, WEHoRR