Peterborough City Regatta 2017

Peterborough City Regatta on 12th & 13th August 2017.

Photo references: Peterborough City Regatta, Bill Desmond, Paul Debois, Alex Marengo, Stephen Rose


Staines Regatta, 2017

Clare and Paul collecting cat E Mx 2x trophy at Staines Regatta 2017

Photo references: Clare Allen, Paul Debois, Staines Regatta

National Masters 2017

National Masters, 10th and 11th June 2017.

Photo references: LIz Stoyel, Clare Allen, Mary Mortimer, Simone Frehe, Stephen Rose, Geoff Adams, Geoff Metzger, Jeremy Brecknock, Simon De Maria, Nic Journeaux, Paul Debois, Alex Marengo, Marisa Futernick, Karen Shepherd, Aba Carboo


Twickenham Regatta 2017

Another large entry from Putney Town in the Twickenham Regatta on 27th May. Final wins for the men’s G/H 4x with Geoff Metzger, Tony Steele, Stephen Rose and Geoff Adams. Another for the Mx4x with Simon De Maria, Alex Marengo, Heather MacPherson and Simone Frehe after a tough battle with another PTRC crew – Sue Pictor, Clare Allen, Peter Rogers and Nic Journeaux.

The full results can be seen in the gallery list.