Images from 2018

A collection of images from various events in 2018.

Photo references: James Holmes-Siedle, Aba Carboo, Ele Culley, Paul Debois, Katie Debois,   Stephen Rose, Geoff Metzger, Geoff Adams, Simon De Maria, Bill Desmond, Alex Marengo, Sue Pictor, Simone Freye, Sarah Foxton, Liz Stoyel, Richard Benton, John Hickling, Sam Diserens, Joely Lynn Dicks, Emily Carter, Kingston Regatta, National Masters 2018

National Masters 2017

National Masters, 10th and 11th June 2017.

Photo references: LIz Stoyel, Clare Allen, Mary Mortimer, Simone Frehe, Stephen Rose, Geoff Adams, Geoff Metzger, Jeremy Brecknock, Simon De Maria, Nic Journeaux, Paul Debois, Alex Marengo, Marisa Futernick, Karen Shepherd, Aba Carboo


National Masters, 2016

Possibly the most succesful year at the National Masters for Putney Town Rowing Club, with 14th position in the Victor Ludorum.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 17.21.56