Hilda Mitchell Trophy

10603440_10203807480701669_1540888195459766697_nThe Hilda Mitchell cup was a trophy awarded to Quintin BC or their original neighbour Ibis BC, in an annual competition. Revived in 2014 after around 25 years, Putney Town RC have replaced Ibis BC.

The Odd Quad had their first race together, and won by the narrowest of margins against a quad from Quintin. Technically a support race, our win didn’t count in Putney Town’s 3-0 victory. But we like silverware, so who cares!

Paul Debois, Craig Harvey-Judd, Ed Mathers, James Holmes-Siedle
IMG_7391 copy.jpg
Craig Harvey-Judd getting his priorities right

Hilda Mitchell cup, Paul Debois, Craig Harvey-Judd, Ed Mathers, James Holmes-Siedle, Quintin BC