Molesey Vet’s Head, 2019

Good times at Molesey Head, well done to all crews!!



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Images from 2018

A collection of images from various events in 2018.

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Bergerac summer training camp, 2018

Four members of Putney Town ventured south to Bergerac, France, for a summer training camp at Chez Boileau in early August. With coaching from Charlotte Taylor, who represented GB at Rio and Ali Boileau, the location on the Dordogne offered a unique chance to row using top class equipment (Carl Douglas and Nelo boats) in perfect surroundings.

Photo references: Sarah Foxton, Jonny Fisher, Rosabella Styles, Paul Debois, Ali Boileau, Dordogne, Chez Boileau, Bergerac


CERLA training camp 2018

Another successful spring rowing camp with Putney Town Rowing Club at CERLA, Spain.

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Vesta Veterans’ Head 2018

A photo gallery of Putney Town crews competing in the Veterans’ Head of the River on 25th March, 2018.

Photo references: Richard Benton, John Hickling, Sam Diserens, Paul Debois, Stephen Rose, Richard Fryer, Jeremy Brecknock, Geoff Adams, Cecile Jacklin, Karen Shepherd, Aba Carboo, Camilla Lister, Clare Allen, Mary Mortimer, Simone Frehe, Emma Flynn, Sue Pictor, Frances Pattison, Laura Parker, Darina Kuricova, Sarah Mercer

Quintin Head 2018

A gallery of Putney Town senior and masters’ squads entered in the 2018 Quintin Head.

Photo references: Quintin Head 2018, Putney Town Rowing Club, PTRC

Why we row

It might be difficult for a casual observer to believe, but rowing isn’t just about eating. We do win things in between.

End of year gallery

A final selection of iPhone out-takes for 2017.

Photo references: Aba Carboo, Sam Harris, Bill Desmond, Paul Debois, Stephen Rose, Jamie Diserens, Sam Diserens

Scullers’ Head 2017

A gallery of photos and video clips from the Scullers’ Head on 2.12.17, including Pete Jones’ images of the senior squad. Photo credits to Pete Jones, Big Blade, Peter May.

Video clips from Bill Desmond and Jeremy Brecknock:

  1. Richard Benton


2. Geoff Adams and Stephen Rose


3. Paul Debois


4. Karen Shepherd


5. Aba Carboo


6. Mary Mortimer


7. Liz Stoyel


8. Ali Boileau


9. John Hickling

Photo references: Mary Mortimer, Paul Debois, Karen Shepherd, Sam Diserens, Aba Carboo, Ali Boileau, Simon De Maria, Jamie Diserens, Richard Benton, Emily Bowden, Jade Gowan, Emily Carter, Sam Russell, Geoff Adams, Stephen Rose, Liz Stoyel